Hong Kong Round-Up: Australian Dairy Co, The Peninsula, Roast Goose

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Now to round up the rest of our Hong Kong eats.

First up, afternoon tea at the Peninsula. Lovely, relaxing, overpriced. We waited in line for 30 minutes, which I found excessive. By the time we were done they had actually put candles on our table and we were so full we skipped dinner. The scones (bottom) were perfect, the clotted cream and jam similarly immaculate.  The middle tier, which contained savory bites, was enjoyable. I especially liked the puff pastry with mushroom filling. The top tier was hit or miss. The cake with layers of curd, cream, and gelee was really perfectly balanced with bright notes of lemon and mango. The chocolate dessert, on the other hand, was too sweet and lacked real depth of flavor.

The following day we had an early breakfast at Australian Dairy Co. before heading out to Mui Wo for a day of bike riding. Wonderful, satisfying, cheap. Creamy eggs, the best HK coffee I’ve ever had, perfectly buttered toast, and macaroni soup.

Our final breakfast in Hong Kong and you better believe my heart was set on roast goose. We wandered around Kowloon for probably an hour before finally finding this place. Who thought roast goose could be so elusive? We grabbed half a goose and some rice and headed to the park.

Here he is, preparing to make me nauseous. This was honestly a pretty big disappointment. Maybe you have to be more careful about where you get your roast goose, but I thought any place with a bunch of gooses hanging in the window was fair game. The goose, however, wasn’t crisp enough, wasn’t tender enough, wasn’t flavorful enough. And it was so fatty we both felt sick after eating it, Fortunately our following meals at Bo Innovation and later in Vietnam provided us with ample opportunity to cleanse our ailing, fat-saturated palates.


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